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Djabe, the number one national hit on the stage of Hungarian jazz/world fusion and an invited guest star of prominent festivals abroad, has always been keen on presenting its musical genre by multimedia means. Notably, a good example for this is their tour in 2003 called ’Sheafs were dancing’ wherein the band was inspired by the masterpieces of Imre Égerházi, a painter reputed all over Europe. While enjoying the music played, the audience could have been absorbed in the paintings projected on the stage screen as well as the film shots of the motifs that inspired such masterpieces. ’Iceworld’ has been a particular memento of these, where the major themes of the paintings have been animated on the screen. The creators animated those pieces of the picture series that depicted the painter’s experiences sensing the proximity of death. The band accompanied all this in the frame of a live performance in a real surround sound. The audience found itself in the heart of the music in a concert hall surrounded by loudspeakers as though having been seated in front of the home movie system. ’The sheafs were dancing’ double DVD set benevolently revives exactly the same audiovisual sensation again. And even more than that: documentaries, road movies, werkfilms and a concert footage in Germany by the band and other shots about the painter Imre Égerházi have been included in this set. As many as 300 minutes have been included in this high quality digipak double DVD set.

Double DVD
Concert length 131 minutes
LPCM stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround
Multiangle: screen films
More than 100 minutes documentaries and concer footage
Photo Gallery

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Djabe gigs in Europe this autumn!

Djabe plays a series of concerts in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary in September and October! The band continues the succesful Slices of Life tour. Details can be reach here. Don't miss it!

Another good news that the double live DVD, recorded during the Sheafs are dancing tour is at the final stage of the production, and will be come out in October. More than two hours spectacular show in surround sound, screen films, and approximate two hours bonus footage recorded beetwen 2003 and 2006.


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Summer tour of Djabe was a sweeping success!

Djabe has just finished another successful tour. Known as the Slices Of Life 2006 Summer Tour, it involved 5 counties with nearly 15 thousand people enjoying the music of the band.

In Lithuania, at the Klaipeda festival Égerházi Attila, the band leader, even picked up an award! Djabe gave 4 concerts in Rochester, New York state, USA. The audience ardently welcomed Barabás Tamás’s unique compositions and virtuoso instument solos. There were many who had already seen the band 2 years ago who were there specifically to watch the performance of Djabe. Others even chose for the special Hungarian band, changing their earlier choice of a James Brown concert.
Another concert of the band took place in Italy at the Udine Jazzfestival resulting a positive surprise for the audience.
The tour ended in Krakow, Poland in the auditerium of the radio of Krakow.
Inbetween the foreign performances, Djabe could be seen twice in Budapest also, at the Colombus Jazz boat and the Petofi Muzeum.

Interview with Attila Égerázi issued in Rochester Democrate & Chronicle by Jeff Spevak: page 1, page 2

Concert photos :
Klaipeda, Lithuania link
Rochester, Big Tent, USA link
Rochester, Jazzstreet, USA link
Udine, Italy link

"Like a Buster Poindexter goulash, the rudiments and retro worldliness of traditional Hungarian music get the jazz jolt from Djabe, a Hungarian sextet centered around the brilliant bass of lead composer Tamas Barnabas. The band’s polyrhythmic play coupled with a brassy jump from the horns certainly has collision potential, but ultimately swings with both feet – each one in any number of genres and grooves. Unexpected, unique, and fun."

Rochester Festival critics about Djabe (FD)


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Djabe concert will be broadcasted on 27th at 11.45 pm (GMT+1) on Duna TV!
The Hungarian satellite TV will broadcast Djabe's show filmed in 2003 at the Pesti Vigadó, Budapest. That was the last show of "Sheafs are dancing tour" in Budapest. The length of the concert video is 62 minutes.

Recieving possibilities:
Europe digital and analog transmission
satellite: Hot Bird 6 (East13 degree)
Frequency: 10,815 GHz
Polarisation: horizontal
Width: 33 MHz
Duna Televízió (mono audio): 6,5 MHz
Duna Televízió (stereo audio): 7,02/7,2 MHz

satellite: Hot Bird 3 (East 13 degree)
Frequency: 12,149 GHz
Polarisation: vertical
Symbol speed: 27,5 MS/s
FEC: 3/4
PID: Duna Televízió, video: 96 decimális

USA and Canada
Satellite: Intelsat America 5
Position: 97 degree West
Frequeny: 11,867 GHz
Polarisation: vertical
Symbol speed: 22 MS/s
FEC: 3/4
code: MPEG2/DVB-s

Australia and New Zealand

Have a good time!
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KazlakThe 2nd Surround Sound Music DVD from Djabe has released!

Djabe’s “Sheafs are Dancing” album was nominated for Surround Music Award 2005 in L.A. and now the new surround sound music disc has just came out! You can enjoy the tracks of the new studio album in dts and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. For the stereo fans the disc provides uncompressed LPCM stereo tracks. The new release is fulfilled with plenty of extras again:

- 53 minutes concert footage recorded 2004 in Budapest at the New Orleans Music Club
- 5 minutes live television broadcast
- 7 minutes on the road movie recorded during the Scandinavian tour in 2005
- PAL, regio code: 0
- Playable in all DVD player
- DVD video format
- DVD 9

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