Steve Hackett - Once Above a Time

This concert was recorded in Budapest in April this year on the final show of the European tour in support of Hackett’s most recent album "To Watch The Storms".

Bonus Feature
"Backstage in Budapest" - Informal documentary filmed during the day leading up to showtime

Tech Specs:
Screen Format: 16:9

Sound Formats:

- DTS Surround Sound
- Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound
- Dolby Digital Stereo
Running Time: 104 mins approx


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Djabe’s Sheafs are dancing DVD recieved the 4th PRince Award in the cathegory of best film, video and multimedia work

The PRince Award International Public Relations Festival’s Award Ceremony was held on October 1, 2004 in Budapest at the KOGART Art Foundation’s hall, with the help of MATÁV as main sponsor.
The series of PRince Award festivals started in the mid 90’s. This year the organizers recalled the festival’s traditions, which brought a significant international attention. Beside the Hungarian works, the jury chose the best of each category among works from Italy, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Austria, Portugal and Belgium. The Diamond Prize of the PRince Award Festival went to the best creation among the winners.

Djabe's Sheafs are dancing DVD won the 1st price at the PRince Award Festival in the cathegory of best film, video and multimedia work.

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Out now!
Djabe - Sheafs are Dancing

DVD-audio GR-039-DVDA

You can enjoy the best studio album of Djabe, Sheafs are Dancing in real surround 5.1.

- Playable by all DVD players.
- Audio tracks can be reached by DVD-video players: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0.
- Audio track can be reached by DVD-audio players: MLP 5.1 and MLP 2.0.
- Starguests: Steve Hackett, >Ben Castle
- Extras: Videoclips, Concertfootage, Documentaries (English and Hungarian), Picture galleries.
- DVD authoring made by Abbey Road Interactive.
- 14 pages colour booklet.
- No Region Code.

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Out now!
Peter Lipa Band: Live in Hungary

CD GR-051

In 2003 the successful record, Beatles in Blue(s) from one of the best Middle-European jazz singers, is now available in Hungary through the copy editor, Gramy Records. The high standard, colourful record was welcomed by both the audience and the experts.
At spring of 2004 the Peter Lipa Band was on a Hungarian tour with Djabe. The concerts were recorded by Gramy Records and the material of Live in Hungary was selected from the best moments of the performances. Peter brought his best to the recordings. Besides the classics of Beatles in Blue(s) the major pieces from his long and successful career can be heard on the CD.
In the beginning of the 80’s the Peter Lipa Band had great success at several Hungarian jazz festivals, too. From the archives of the Hungarian Radio two records from Miskolc, 1980 were placed as a bonus of the CD.
This new album is good proof of Peter’s high quality representation in the European music for over more than a quarter of a century. The singer, who lives in Pozsony but on the mother side originated from Hungary, is accompanied by the most excellent Slovakian jazz singers on this record, where all of the tracks are in English.
Gramy Records celebrates the breaking down of the borders between Hungary and Slovakia by the European Union with this record, as the publisher is a committed adherer to nurturing the customs of the mutual cultural past and produce mutual new productions.

Gramy is presenting the album in the New Orleans Music Club on the 22 of September 2004. (5. Lovag str., VI. District, Budapest, Table reservation: 00 36 20 4517525) Peter Lipa Band is performing, the record is played live. The concert night, joined with a press conference is starting at 20.00.
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On the 3rd of April Steve Hackett had a sold-out concert in Budapest again.
The set of the show embraced his entire career and impressed the Hungarian audience. Gramy Records has recorded and filmed the spectacular and excellent gig. The Hungarian celebrated the performance of Steve Hackett Band with a standing ovation.


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[ 02.06.2004 ]
Steve Hackett’s concert in Budapest, Petofi Hall
04.03.2004 8PM

In the spring of 2004 Peter Gabriel’s and Steve Hackett’s performances will be the major rock history events in Budapest.
The former guitar player of Genesis is one of the most charismatic figures of the British rock music and he is one of the most well-known and versatile musicians. His compositions and guitar playing were the fundamental elements in the worldwide success of the band.

The concert will take place in Budapest, Petofi Hall. (Petôfi Csarnok, Budapest., Zichy Mihály u. 14., tel: +36 1 363 3730) Tickets can be purchased at Vigadó Ticket (Budapest., Vigadó u. 6., tel: +36 1 266 5018), on Internet: www.tex.hu


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[ 10.01.2004. ]
Sheafs are Dancing Unplugged Concert
and Égerházi Imre's exhibition.
31/01/2004, 8pm

New Orleans Music Club, Budapest Lovag u. 5.
Table reservation: 06 20 451 7525
Ticket information: 06 1 217 1121

The exhibition of the album's paintings opens at 28th of January at 6pmi n the New Orleans Exhibition room. Admission is free.


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