[ 09.12.2002. ]
New Steve Hackett releases
"105 minutes of concert footage shot at Buenos Aires' Teatro Coliseo on the last South American tour.
The "Somewhere In South America" show includes a wide selection of favourite material from both Hackett and that other band together with several previously unheard songs road tested here for the first time.

"Somewhere in South America..." will be available in VHS (both PAL & NTSC). Also available is a 2 cd boxset and a DVD release early next year.

. . .

[ 07.11.2002. ]
Djabe - Flying / The first Hungarian World/Jazz DVD

- Fantastic 5.1 Dolby Surround and LPCM Stereo sound
- 132 minutes concert recording + 20 minutes documentary
- Interactive menu system
- Complete biography and discography
- Web links

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In the summer of 2001, Djabe music group completed its most important tour since its’ foundation. (Marillion, Sting, Steve Hackett, The Brand New Heavies etc.), who is one of the most talented English jazz musicians of our age joined the concerts. Djabe recorded the concerts, which all together were almost 3 hours in length. The DVD recordings were selected by Égerházi Attila and Barabás Tamás from the material of two Budapest concerts. Apart from the 132 concert video, the DVD contains a 20 minutes documentary, on which the viewer can watch bonus recordings along with the interviews made with the band members.

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The 5.1. sound of the recording was mixed equally onto the front, back and centre speakers. Our suggestion is to use equally balanced loud speakers for listening. Adjust the output level of the loud speakers on the linear that is on the nil stage. If you do not have a Dolby Surround system, choose the LPCM Stereo sound track, which also gives a perfect sounding to the observer.
The picture format is 4:3, but on the 16:9 picture scaled equipment, with using the zoom button, the film fills in the whole screen as we have applied a 16:9 scaled mask line on the video. The picture scale of the documentary is 4:3.

01. Visions
02. Ly-o-lay Ale Loya
03. Gallop
04. Witchi Tia To
05. Clouds Dance
06. My Way
07. Tulamben
08. Barraguira
09. Underwater Sunlight
10. Village Of The Sun

11. Above The Skies
12. Update
13. Flying
14. First Step
15. Lead Soldier
16. Desire
17. Distant Dance
18. Winter Forest
19. Mayombe
20. Djabe

Bonus tracks:
Erdő, erdő
Clouds Dance
Conga solo
Bass solo

Gramy Records
1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 40.
Phone: 06 1 217 1121
Facsimile: 06 1 218 0166
E-mail: mail@gramy.hu
Internet: www.gr1993records.com

The DVD available from the order-form.

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[ 15.10.2002. ]
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Djabe gigs in New Orleans Club
From 8th of October. Every three weeks thuesday evening.

- 8th of October
- 29th of October
- 19th of November
- 10th of December

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New Orleans Music Club
Budapest, VI. Lovag u. 5.
phone: 06 1 354 1130
table reservation: 06 20 451 7525

Ticket available:
Gramy Records, tel.: 217-1121

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[ 14.10.2002. ]
Djabe takes part in three jazz festivals in Slovakia

18th of October Bratislava / Bratislava Jazz Days
PKO - Park of Culture
Nabrezie arm.gen.Ludvika Svobodu 3
815 15 Bratislava

1/ FUSE JAZZ (Slovakia)
2/ DJABE (Hungary)

19th of October Nove Zamky / Jazz festival
Centrum Kultúry "Nabrezie"
Nabrezna Street 24

13th of November / Jazz Presov
PKO - Presov Cierny orol

. . .

[ 14.08.2002. ]
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Djabe - Flying
Irregular concert of the Arany Zsiráf and Emerton award winner band!
Pesti Vigadó, 20th September, 8.00 pm. Introduction of Djabe DVD, Flying - come out in autumn. Said Tichiti, musician from Marocco will appear on the concert, whom particular voice and percussion sound enriched album Update with incomponable dast of colour. In Pesti Vigadó you can have a brief taste of preparing new studio album.

Price of the ticket will be deduct completely from the price of Djabe CD-s bought on the venue.

Ticket available:
Vigadó Ticket Service (Bp., Vörösmarty tér 1. tel.: 327 4322), and know ticket boxes.

More informations:
Gramy Records, tel.: 217-1121

. . .

[ 07.29.2002. ]
Galeri Rockfest
Djabe is the headliner of the "Galeri Rockfest" charity concert will be placed in Slovakia.
Date: 3th of August 2002.
Djabe took over the stage at 9 p.m.
Venue: Ipolyság (SAHY), beach stage.
This is the first gig of the planned Slovakian autumn tour of Djabe.

. . .

[ 03.28.2002. ]
Djabe concerts:
- 24. april 2002. at 8 pm WIGWAM, IX. district, 202. Fehérvári str., Budapest, tel: (06-1)208-5569. Tickets are available only on the place but you can subscribe for tickets at booking@gramy.hu in this case you should public follows data: name, adress, telephone. Subscribed tickets should be payed half an hour before the concert.

- 27. april 2002. Cegléd in dobshow.

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[ 03.28.2002. ]
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Djabe in appreciation for its outstanding abilities in its work could receive eMeRTon awards in category World Music on the 22th of march in 2002.

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[ 03.19.2002. ]
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Djabe in appreciation for its outstanding abilities in its work can receive eMeRTon awards in category World Music on the 22th of march in 2002.
In 2001 the Band has played successfully at the Jazz Days in Debrecen and Jazz Weekend Nagykanizsa and also in Pepsi Island. 2001 was the year of the first international invitation as well, Djabe has been the headliner of the Festival Jazz Fair directed in Croatia at Csáktornya. Croatian public has given them an standing ovation.

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Djabe - owing to public interest - has playd again in Pesti Vigadó and Lovarda in Debrecen.
The band updated itself with 3 steady a guest musician a years ago. The result of this chancing is the Uptade and the 2001 tour. We can say without doubt about both of them, that they have put up the highest efficiency much to the delight of fans.

In Pesti Vigadó not only the best of the Band has been playing but some new composition of the new studio album planned at the end of August.
Usual, spectacular lights technic made the concert complete.

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[ 01.02.2002. ]
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Steve Hackett the guitarist of the legendary Genesis has celebrated his debut in Hungary.

In the crowded auditorium of Petőfi Csarnok the audiance has been waiting excitedly the first acoustic show of Steve Hackett. It was worth to wait because Steve started his performance with Horizons which was issued at first time on the Genesis - Foxtrot album. The second piece was composition of Eric Satie, Gnossiene no. 1. has already been played by the trio, John Hackett on flute, Roger King on keyboard. Hackett has given a taste of his whole carrier, from old Genesis songs through classic compositions to newest pieces has not issued yet.
The audiance could enjoy his more than 2 hours long concert. The set list covered all of his long carrier perfectly.
The grate music has been completed by spectacular lighting wich suited to the mood of the show exactly.
The concert was successfully in every respect because not only the public but Steve also has left the concert satisfied, Budapest as well.

Set list.

. . .

[ 01.07.2002. ]
A legend at first time in Hungary.

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Steve Hackett Acoustic Shows 2002.

Steve will be presenting an 'acoustic' set with John Hackett on flute and Roger King on keyboards at Tribute To The Love Generation in Daiba, Tokyo on 12th 13th and 14th January.

Saturday 26th January at Petofi Hall (Petőfi Csarnok).

Hungary - 1146.
Zichy Mihály str. 14.

Showtime 8 pm.

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For booking information contact:
Phone: + 36 1 217 1121
Fax: + 36 1 218 01 66
E-mail: booking@gramy.hu

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[ 01.02.2002. ]
The year 2002. the first concert of Djabe is going to be on 28th of january on monday at 20 pm in the Music Fonó Budai. Budapest, XI. Sztregova str. 3.
Tickets are available at the place price 800.- HUF.

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