Tóth Viktor - Tercett

Djabe presents the introductory CD of its saxophone player to the audience. The members of Djabe started to play music together at the Jazz Faculty of the Liszt Ferenc Art of Music College from where they all graduated. The band has won the attention and acknowledgement of the Hungarian audience and jazz professionals over the last few years. The members of the group have prepared recordings with several jazz VIPs both from Hungary and abroad, who have also performed with the band at the concerts. The album was sponsored by the Artisjus music fund.

Tóth Viktor - Tercett

1. 44
2. Question "B"
3. Big Sky
4. Wood
5. Soul
6. Begging for Forgiveness
7. 1723
8. Pax Rialto Goes to Country Mp3
9. Three
10. Green with Blue
11. Frog

Tóth Viktor - alto saxophone
Szanday Mátyás - bass
Jeszenszky György - drums (1,4,5,7,10,11), tamburo, istambul cymbals
Németh Ferenc - drums (2,3,8,9)
Todd Williams - Voice

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