Pocsai Krisztina Quartet – „Home at last”

Krisztina Pocsai is one of the best Hungarian jazz singers, whose talent has added so much to the standard of several productions. However, so far she has failed to provide us with a solo album. Her views on the album:

“The CD entitled Home at Last is my first album as a solo artist and a composer. It is the result of the past six years. The title Home at Last is true regarding different points of view. I found my partner for life, we found our first mutual home, and during the studio works of the title song I had already been expecting our first baby. Can a woman or anyone wish for more? I don’t think so. However, I have been blessed with so much more. Such fellow musicians, for instance, who have been playing music with me for years in joy and with creativity. They inspire me during the rehearsals and concerts both spiritually and professionally. This album could not have been created without them.

I express momentary moods, emotions and thoughts characteristic to certain periods of my life in my songs. There are ephemeral ones among them and less fleeting ones, hopefully. Time will tell. Their musical form was shaped in the course of the past years and they will most probably change in the future as well. The album is so to say a snapshot of the summer of 2009 and the spring of 2010. A snapshot in many colours. The songs are made up from swing, groove, Latin, unique pieces and ballads, of course. The title song was written and orchestrated for string quartet with my partner.

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Pocsai Krisztina Quartet – „Home at last”

  1. Pocsai K.: Really Tricky
  2. Carlos Castaneda – Pocsai. K.: Camino con Corazon Mp3
  3. Pocsai K.: The Thought of Your Belly
  4. Pocsai K.: Longing for You
  5. Miguel de Unamuno – Pocsai K.: La Vida Mp3
  6. Ruben Darío – Pocsai K.: Lo Fatal
  7. Pocsai K.: Roots or Wings
  8. Pocsai K.: Chrystal Chandelier
  9. Pocsai K.: Responsibility Mp3
  10. Pocsai K. – Frey György: Home at Last

  11. Musicians:

    Pocsai Krisztina - ének
    Cseke Gábor – zongora
    Barcza Horváth József – bőgő
    Mohay András – dob
    Kovács Erika – hegedű
    Bohák Melinda – hegedű
    Winkler Zsófia – hegedű
    Gál Béla - cselló

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