Peter Lipa - Beatles in Blue(s)

Recording is still a new experience for me. Sometimes I have a feeling that I´m making up for the lost time I missed up untill my forties. This of course doesn´t mean that I should have recorded The Beatles 20 years ago. At that time, I had a different view on music and my singing, even though it´s true that "Got to get you into my life" appeared on my first LP Moanin´ (Opus, 1984). And even before that we tasted a bit of fame with my band Blues five and the song "A day in the life" in 1968. But for me, the inspiration for covering Beatles tracks was still the eternal and genius version of With a little help of my friends by Joe Cocker and his Grease band. Maybe since than, while looking at every new CD cover , I always notice the song titles and try to search the back of my mind for the ones that I recognize, because remakes as they call them today, amuse me. I love it when I can listen to a popular song in an absolutely new version. Than I can try to investigate what that particular musician did to the song in order to express his musical opinion. Actually, I believe that with this sort of remake an author reveals more about his musical"guts" then when he presents his own new idea. Jazz musicians, for as long as I remember, played standards, and for example, when they were succesful in creating a new melody on an already established tune, they had no problem declaring it as their own. Well, I don´t have this type of ambitions now, eventhough some of the songs I recorded have changed beyond recognition. But that´s not what´s important here. What´s important for me , is that from the first moment I "met up" with the beatles tunes, I found musical material in them that has unrepeatable simplicity, ease, catchy singing melodies, boyhood, carelessness and naturalness. So, that´s the reason why I have loved The Beatles for almost 40 years and why I decided to record them.

"Track 17. "hidden" is the original version of Day Tripper. Recorded by P.Lipa jr. keyboard, Martin Gašpar bass, Robo Rist drums, Juraj Bartoš trumpet, Rado Tariška alto sax, František Karnok Trombone, Radovan "vrabec" Orth a Jana Kirchner voc. As we were not satisfied, we´ve recorded it once again and that´s how track 1 came out. Peter Pištánek the author of scenario for videoclip whished to have it on CD. He maybe like more the than the new one."

Peter Lipa

Peter Lipa - Beatles in Blue(s)

1. Day Tripper Mp3
2. Norwegian Wood
3. And I love Her
4. Every Little Thing
5. Misery
6. Got to get You into my Life
7. Do You want to know a Secret
8. I wanna be your Man Mp3
9. The Fool on the Hill
10. I've just seen a Face
11. All I've got to do
12. I saw Her standing there
13. P.s. I love You
14. No Replay
15. All my loving
16. With a Little Help from my Friends

Peter Lipa jr. - keyboards, additional cymbals, fender rhodes piano
Miroslav Hank - drums
Brano Valansky - bass
Michal Gecevsky - vocal, guitar
Svetlana Rymarenková - vocal
Juraj Bartos - trumpet
Rado Tariska - alto sax
Frantisek Karnok - trombone
Gabriel Jonás - keyboards
Juraj Griglák - acoustic bass
Igor "IG" Szabo - percussion
Juraj Tatár - keyboards
Martin Gaspar - bass
Marcel Buntaj - drums
Michal Zacek - soprano sax, flute
Robo Rist - drums
Jakub Kupcik - percussion
Lubos Priehradnik - computer programing
Erich "Robos" Procházka - harp
Jana Kirschner - vocal
Radovan "Vrabec" Orth - vocal
Martin Zajko - guitar
Lubos Priehradnik - trumpet
Michaela Paulová - vocal
Henry Tóth - guitar
Stano Palúch - violin

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