Kovács Ferenc - My roots

Ferenc Kovács (Öcsi) has come out with a new album compiled from the best concert recordings of recent years. The CD begins with the 2004 performance of Magony Strings, then it dissolves almost unobserved into the Magony concert of 2007 in Debrecen, where the strings are completed with wood instruments and drums. In the last part of the album, the Great Magony Orchestra can be heard, where the best fellow-musicians of Ferenc Kovács are lined up: Mihály Dresch, Kálmán Balogh, Zoltán Kovács, Szilárd Bánai and Ferenc Schreck all reinforce Magony. A comprehensive and capturing disc which summarizes the solo projects of Ferenc Kovács.

Égerházi Attila:
„Ferenc Kovács (“Öcsi”) is a real live musician, who might be best experienced during his concerts. I have been observing and admiring him for years. Moreover, I am fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity of working with him. His notes must be born since this is the only way he can communicate all those hidden messages he hides inside. This compilation has been put together from recordings of his concerts in the past still achieving a unity although his musicians have changed throughout the years. Öcsi drags them, makes them move forward, yet the others tend to make him fly from time to time. However, they cannot take him far, because his roots are here. He lives the past and the present simultaneously while showing us the future. He weaves these legacies around us by his unique and individual style both as a composer and as a musician. Archie Shepp regarded him as “one of the best violinists in the world, who at the same time plays the trumpet like Miles Davis”. Archie described Öcsi brilliantly, missing only one point: Ferenc Kovács can do all this while remaining Hungarian essentially.”

Kovács Ferenc - My roots

1. Introduction
2. Cave-drawings
3. Lads’ song
4. Grotesque
5. Gypsy type
6. Blessings from Somogy
7. Beardance
8. Lonely bird is wandering
9. Ballad

Ferenc Kovács – violin, trumpet, vocal (1-9)
Sándor Budai - violin (1-6)
Kálmán Oláh – violin (1-4)
Beáta Salamon – violin (4)
Csaba Novák – double bass (1-6)
Antal Tabányi – violin (5-6)
Péter Bede - sax, flute (5-6)
Szilárd Banai - drums (5 -9)
Mihály Dresch – sax (6-9)
Ferenc Schreck – posan (6-9)
Zoltán Kovács – piano (6-9)
Kálmán Balogh – cimbalom (6-9)
Mátyás Szandai – double bass (6-9)
Jeremy Barnes – percussion (7)

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