Kovács Ferenc - Hatok
Zoltán Jancsó’s poems with singer Eszter Váczi

Feri Kovács has compiled a superb album again. He composed music for Zoltán Jancsó’s poems and also invited Eszter Váci to sing along, who has a fabulous voice. A few instrumental jazz compositions were also inserted in the row of poems, to which he composed melodies that genuinely reflect Feri Kovács’ actual musical endeavors. His companions were recruited from the members of ’Djabe’ and the ’Dresch Quartet’ in accordance with the ’Tranzit’ formation supported with Ferenc Schreck. The father of the band is Ferenc Kovács, who set it up in 2005. Spending 30 years with classical, jazz, folk and contemporary music determines the theme. The folk songs can be played jazz-like, the jazz can be mingled with contemporary music, the genres can be brought together, but fusion has already taken place in this sense. The traditions set by Bartók, Szabados and Dresch Misi burst up with powerful wind instrument sounds. Brilliant piano music allows us to foreshadow a contemporary composer beyond. Young and mature rhythm section is the etalon of its own kind.

Kovács Ferenc - Tranzit

1. Angels guard us  Mp3
2. Sobri
3. Starwhore  Mp3
4. Ballad
5. The last summer  Mp3
6. Remember miles
7. Who should be the one to love
8. Lonely bird is wandering  Mp3

Kovács Ferenc – trombita, ének
Kovács Zoltán – zongora
Banai Szilárd – dob
Dresch Mihály – szaxofon
Szandai Mátyás – bőgő
Schreck Ferenc – pozan

Közreműködik: Váczi Eszter – ének

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