Horgas Eszter Arcai IV. - Latin Fiesta
(17-18 November 2002. Erkel Theatre)
The concert in Erkel Theatre is the first crossover night, where the music, the dramaturgy, the spectacle and dance meet. Such worlds appear like a night in Buenos Aires, or the dreams of Don Quijote...
There are ninety-four musicians on stage - from classical, jazz and pop music - one day is described by them with music from noon to noon on the following day. Story, love, tragedy, pain and fun...
One day about our lives, dreams, wishes, fears.
This CD also, the third piece of the series, moves in the land of Latin music. The dominant composer of the nights is Astor Piazzolla, Argentinian musician and accordion player, who became a major personality of the 20th century. This recording closes the series of "The faces of Eszter Horgas", which is just the start of my road with many-many more faces, concerts, performances and work is yet to come.
Many thanks to Miklós Malek, Eleonóra Hidasy, the Concert & Media, Peter Gerendás, Gábor Presser and to all the colleagues who gave their attention, time and love during the last two years.

Eszter Horgas

Horgas Eszter Arcai IV. - Latin Fiesta

1. Rodrigo-Malek: Nyitány
2. Corea: Spain
3. Ravel: Bolero
4. Piazzolla: Celos
5. Brubeck: Take 5 Mp3
6. Piazzolla: Buenos Aires
7. Piazzolla: Milonga Mp3
8. Piazzolla: Libertango Mp3

Horgas Eszter - flute, altflute
Orosz Zoltán - concertina
Ricardo Salsa Club
Class & Jazz Band
Budapest Film Orchestra
conducted by Malek Miklós

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