Ewald Brass Quintet - Chamber Music
The Ewald Brass Quintet has been established on lessons of chamber music at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music. Their elemental aim to realise playing music together with brasses.
On the first self-sufficient record of the band there are compositions of Bach, Haydn, Brahms together with European madrigals. Re-makes were made by Szentpáli Roland.
The soundtrack is an unique, because in 2001 the state of development of brasses and the sonority of the band were allowed of playing compositions which had been written originally to bow instruments. The CD is result on five-year hard work.
They proved their suitability on 10 international competition.
The band has been playing with new instruments since 2000 which were obtained by support of German JA-Music or rather Wenzel Gmbh.
In November, 2000 the band was honoured because its excellent rendering the contemporary Hungarian music.
With corporation of Szentpáli Roland and Ewald and result on common work of Szabó László (reader) art director, Horváth Mihály sound engineer, Bárány Gusztáv director, sound engineer, Chamber Music, a record of classic chamber music with brasses has been complete.
They hope they can give you great pleasure while you listening their music.

Ewald Brass Quintet - Chamber Music

European Madrigals
I. Giovanni Gastoldi: Amor Vittorioso
II. Ludwig Senfl: Das Glaut zu Speyer
III. Pierre Certon: La la la je ne l' ose dire
IV. Heinrich Isaac: Hör an Mein Klag
V. John Farmer: Fair Phyllis

J. S. Bach: Arias
I. Ich freue mich in Dir (Aria from BWV 133. Cantata)
II. Stirb in Mir (Aria from BWV 156. Cantata)
III. Wie freudig ist mein Herz (Aria from BWV 199. Cantata)

Joseph Haydn: Quartet in F - maggiore Op. 50. No. 5.
I. Allegro Moderato Mp3
II. Andante
III. Menuett
IV. Allegro vivo

Johannes Brahms: Quintet No. 1. Op. 88.
I. Allegro non troppo ma con brio Mp3
II. Grave ed appassionato
III. Allegro Energico

Bakó Levente - trumpet
Tarkó Tamás - trumpet
Kovalcsik András - horn
Káip Róbert - trombone
Kelemen Tamás - tuba

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