Djabe - Witchi Tai To Tour
The spectacular live video was made from the material of the Witchi Tai To tour and was recorded in Petőfi Hall, Budapest, Hungary on 11/26/1998. The unique music, the spectacular Vari*Lite lighting and the dancers make a pleasant experience for the watchers.

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Djabe - Witchi Tai To Tour

1. Vision After The Rain
2. Ode
3. Visions
4. Distant Dance Real
5. Djabe Real
6. Sorcerer
7. Message From The Boat
8. Under Construction
9. Coffee Break Real
10. Desert
11. Witchi Tai To
12. Passage
13. Djabe videoclip
14. Island

Muck Ferenc - saxophone
Sipos András - voice, percussion
Barabás Tamás - bass guitar
Égerházi Attila - guitar

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