Djabe - Witchi Tai To
2CD, MC - 1998 - GR-007

Released in 1998
Following the early experimentation, the second album of Djabe is a mature product. The track list features Égerhazi Attila’s compositions and the world famous jazz standard, the title track written by Jim Pepper. The double CD is a world-class product not only in music standards but in production standards also. Snétberger Ferenc, the Berlin based world famous Hungarian jazz guitar player is the star guest on this CD. The second disc is an enhanced CD, which contains a 35 minutes long concert video. The enhanced CD master was made in the Abbey Road Interactive, London. In the year 2000 the album received the “Best Hungarian Jazz/World album of the year” award.

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Djabe - Witchi Tai To

1. Coffee Break
2. Ode Mp3
3. Island
4. Odyssey
5. Visions After the Rain Mp3
6. Early Morning Snow
7. Visions Coctail
8. Desert
9. Visions Mp3
10. Gallop
11. Last Vision
12. Witchi Tai To Mp3

(Short Radio Edit versions + CD-ROM part)

1. Djabe (radio edit) Mp3
2. Coffee Break Part I. (radio edit)
3. Confidence
4. Coffee Break Part I. (dance version)

+Interactive CD-ROM
(PC and MAC compatible)

Sipos András - voice, percussion
Égerházi Attila - guitar
Muck Ferenc - saxophone
Barabás Tamás - bass guitar

Snétberger Ferenc - guitar
Szalóki Béla - flugelhorn
Herczeg Judit - voice

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