Djabe - What more is there to know about Update
In the life of the extended 7 member band, a real challenge occurred with producing the record, which was published in 2001 in combination with the music tour of that year. We have already published on the “Replay” album the preparation’s first steps of the more colourful music manifestation. This present CD contains the material recorded during the Update recording and tour practice. We indicate separately the individual circumstances and characteristics of each song, but we can generally say that half of the club album’s material is from such studio recordings, which are different versions of the compositions published on Update. Every single one of them has such an individual value, which gives a reason to publish it as a public treasure. The remaining bigger block was made on the rehearsal of the Update tour dated 20 June 2001. This was the first occasion when Ben Castle also joined the band during the practice. Naturally this recording contains such musical and technical characteristics, which feature in the informal rehearsal atmosphere.

14th of April in 2002.

Égerházi Attila

Psw.: Special Thanks to Töttösy!

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Djabe - What more is there to know about Update

1. Flying / demo
2. First step / take 2
3. My way / take 3
4. Barraguira / take 1
5. Witchi tia to / take 1

Probe 20th of Jun in 2001. - Update Tour

6. First step Mp3
7. Above the Skies
8. Update 2.2.1
9. Lead soldier
10. Clouds dance Mp3
11. Barraguira, avagy 8 minute jazz
12. Winter forest
13. Djabe Mp3

Barabás Tamás - bass, synth programs
Égerházi Attila - guitars
Sipos András - vocal, percussion
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, flugelhorn, violin, vocal
Kovács Zoltán - keyboards
Banai Szilárd - drums
Ben Castle - tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet

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