Djabe - Tour 2000
Djabe is one of the bright spots of Hungarian musical life. That year their achievements have been rewarded by public as well as professional circles, as it was awarded the so called 'Golden Giraffe' (the Hungarian Music Award) in the category of 'Jazz and world music'. The fans of the band know it very well that the band is characterized not only by the high standard and the perfect quality of the music (the band makes its recordings in its own, modern studio), but their visual effects and the technical quality are also unique in Hungary. The tour in the spring of 2000 was completed with the Vari*Lite intelligent lighting system that made it possible to project animations and videos suiting the message and the mood of the tracks. With the Vari*Lite gobos designed for the tour and projected as background scenery the large audience had a visual experience of a higher standard than ever. Djabe recorded the concerts and compiled an 80-minute CD from the best moments of the tour, which splendidly reflects its atmosphere. At the same time - after the three studio CDs - this album is a selection of the best Djabe tracks, since such classicals can be heard like 'Djabe', 'Visions' and 'Witchi Tai To'. There is a brand new track as well, whose title is Ubud named after a small town in Bali. The cover of the CD has been made in the habitual, demanding way, as it is distributed with a 6-page DigiPack cover.

Djabe releases can be ordered from the new Djabe Webhop:

Djabe - Tour 2000

1. Visions
2. Memory of Bells
3. Village of the Sun
4. Caravan Mp3
5. Distant Dance
6. Camel Run
7. Desert
8. Gallop
9. Witchi Tai To
10. Above the Skies
11. Ubud
12. Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
13. Visions after the Rain
14. Final Word Mp3
15. Djabe

Barabás Tamás - bass guitar
Égerházi Attila - guitar
Sipos András - voice, percussion
Muck Ferenc - saxophone

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