Djabe - New Orleans +

2002 was the year of New Orleans in the life of Djabe. The audience were able to purchase tickets for more than 10 concerts. Tunes were gathered around different topics on each and every night. Three performances were assembled from World Music influences. At the first concert we played the compositions bearing African music elements. On the second night pieces moulded with Arabic and Latin sounds were heard. On the third night North-American Indian and Indonesian compositions were on the plate, and material for the CD was collected from these concerts. Quite a few tracks, such as Zulu, Tuesday Afternoon and Bali Wind, were made especially for these performances, therefore they had not been heard before the concerts, and have not since.

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The photos of the CD cover and the booklet was taken by Levente Honty, who unfortunately died in January 2004 in a tragic accident, and therefore sadly cannot be with us anymore.
His friendship and pictures are irreplaceable, and this record is dedicated to his memory.

Levente Honty

Djabe - New Orleans +

1. Ocean
2. Visions
3. Zulu
4. Thuesday Afternoon
5. Barraguira
6. Djole
7. Distant Dance
8. Flying
9. Bali Waves
10. Bali Wind
11. Valóságshow
12. Medley

Barabás Tamás - bass, percussion
Banai Szilárd - drums, percussion
Égerházi Attila - guitars, percussion
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
Kovács Zoltán - keyboards, percussion
Sipos András - vocal, percussion

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