Roland Balogh - Twins Effect

Debut album of the new rising Hungarian star.

In 2099 Roland won the Jazz guitar competition at Montreaux Jazz Festival. Since then he got a lot of recognition abroad, just let us name the prize at the jazz guitar competition in Santa Monica.

The president of the jury was, like in Montreaux, Lee Ritenour American jazz legend. In 2010 in Völklinger, Germany, they took part and win a vocal - guitar duo competition with Emilio.

On the debut album we can hear mixture of jazz, fusion with rocking grooves.

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Roland Balogh - Twins Effect

1. The Hero 9:33 Mp3
2. Flamenco - feat. Emilió 7:20
3. In Memorian Fellini 7:18 Mp3
4. Finucci Blues 7:37 Mp3
5. Gipsy Camp Goes To Sky 5:56
6. Twins Effect - feat. Borbély Mihály 6:56 Mp3
7. Round About Midnight 9:46
8. The Thief 6:55
9. Lord I Come To You - feat. Rontó Kitty 6:25

He works with theses fine musicians

Roland Balogh - guitar
Zoltán Balogh - piano
József Bordás - drums
József Horváth „Plútó” - bass guitar

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