Azur Blue Band - Blue Diver

Azur Blue Band, which plays instrumental fusion world music, is the project belonging to two Hungarian musicians called Csaba Gábor Veress (guitar & composer) and Ákos Kertész (keyboard, percussion instrument, and orchestrator). Their first, debut album was released in 2010 entitled “Blue Diver”. The name of the band and the title of the debut album were both inspired by Luc Besson’s film entitled “Le grand bleu” and a well-known Hungarian jazz guitarist, Gábor Szabó’s 1971 record named “Azure Blue”.

The “Blue Diver” album compounds musical effects of European, progressive rock and jazz, Hungarian folk and oriental music. These elements sound clear, creating a consistent style-and sound world. Though it seems that many different styles represented in the album by the characteristic instrumental play of the performers, the balanced sound and excellent instrumentation all join and embodies this kind of variety.

The title symbolically refers to a voyage of self-recognition, and its elemental part is the knowledge of cultural traditions determined by our way of thinking and behaviour. This is where the CD’s first track launches and refers to it. Hungarian culture is particularly rooted in eastern heritage, and in the thousand-year westernisation and sophistication. This duality can bear contrast and disunity at a time, but it can also enhance a culture significantly. The first track of the CD, “Puszta” (Plain), is a voyage which starts from the very distant East and arrives slowly; and is enriched by the influences of the West. This first theme acts as a synopsis of the thoughts of the whole album.

Afterwards, the road leads you further on outer lands and (Oriental Journey), (Caravan Road) and inner ones (Mirage), (Deep Blue), (Stream), while, at the end, it takes the listener, to a superior dimension, “Over the Mountains”, which is the closing track of the CD. As Ákos Kertész explains: “Vision mixes with imagination in this material - describing the indescribable …and finally the music rises above everyday reality and takes the listener to a wonderful “superior” world. This is one of the few albums, though having an active professional part - as an arranger, producer and instrumentalist - I can enjoy in such way that I can be a part in all compositions. I am a traveller who lives in symbiosis with this diverse mystical musical world.”

The album, where not only Gábor and Ákos take part, in addition, many of the notabilities of Hungarian musical life also contribute to it. It can out rightly challenge the enthusiasts; those who value the music that both appeals to the soul and spirit; and the fastidious audience of jazz -and world music-fans.

Info & Contact:

Gábor Veress guitar, flute

Ákos Kertész drums, keyboards

Zoltán Czirják french horn

Gábor Földes

Zoltán Erdő

Azur Blue Band - Blue Diver

  1. Puszta 7:09 Mp3
  2. Mirage / Káprázat 5:01
  3. May Day / Tavasz 4:09
  4. Storm Signal / Viharjelzés 4:57
  5. Oriental Journey / Indiai utazás 5:28
  6. Raindrops / Esőcseppek 3:34
  7. Caravan Road / Karavánút 4:53Mp3
  8. Deep Blue / Hullámzás 6:10
  9. Rise of Day / Hajnal 5:56
  10. Stream / Patak 5:01
  11. Over the Hills / A hegyeken 3:46

Gábor Veress - guitar, flute
Gábor Földes - bass
Ákos Kertesz - drums, keyboards
Nikola Parov - Kava
István Jeszenszky - vocal, sarod
Edina Szirtes - violin
Balázs Cserta - saxophone
Tibor Mótyan - tabla
Zoltán Czirják - french horn

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