Istvan Alapi - niXfactor

If there is a true meaning of a progressive fusion album, well, we've found it.

Let's not try to avoid the overheated amplifier: Alapi István's new album has already become an important piece in the history of domestic music. This exceptionally talented musician has created an exceptional album. An album which is unique in the land of Hungary, but not because of its international standard, thank God, some have come up with such already.

It's the message that is unique
Alapi is the best guitarist of our country because of his technical skills, theoretical knowledge, personality - we could go on. However, as this is not a biography, let's just say that he is an exceptional personality.

The story is nice and rounded because a well-known - Edda Művek - musician is showing what is really hiding deep in his soul. As the "folks" do not know. Those of us, who have an ear for music, can tell from the first vibration: since the 'Inner World' album debuted in 1996 and plucked those of an understanding musical heart, to once again nod proudly at the material of 'Live' published last year.

Now here is the 'niXfactor', which is simply - magnificent. It proves in all its vibration to be a masterpiece.

The intro is already promising, so that by the time you listen to 'Love Takes Money, Mr. A' you are really blown away. The atmosphere, the technique, the brutal bass solo leaves your chin on the floor. The Beauty and The Beast wakes us up immediately, and we realize that this is probably one of the most important Hungarian fusion compositions. The acoustic virtuosity of 'Desert Wing' wondrously takes us away so that the progressive fusion of the title song finally places us into the world of miracles.

And there is no stopping for we are flying further onwards as one song is better than the previous one. 'So Far' titled composition would be broadcast in better countries from morning till night, for being the biggest hit of recent years - of course a hit of rare value.

If I said, I haven't heard such a production for a long time I wouldn't in fact be saying anything.

Here is the message:

As this example shows it is possible to mould from talent, will, enthusiasm and endurance. In the case of Alapi, I never had any doubts: An exceptional talent will sooner or later always break through.

It has happened.

At the time of praising the production, let's not forget about the outstanding band: Beke Márk (keyboard), Barabás Tamás (bass guitar), Banai Szilárd (drums).

Who acquires it, owns it proudly - a thing of rare value.

- szilágyi -

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Istvan Alapi - niXfactor

  1. Intro   0:19
  2. Love Takes Money, Mister A.   2:57 Mp3
  3. Beauty And The Beast   5:46 Mp3
  4. Desert Wind   2:32 Mp3
  5. niXfactor   4:13 Mp3
  6. Run To Sun   3:28
  7. Way To The 7th Galaxy   6:57
  8. Cool School   4:16
  9. Dalai Lárma   3:28
  10. So Far...   5:22
  11. In My Young Ages   4:24
  12. At The End Of The Way   2:51


István Alapi - guitars
Márk Beke - keyboards
Tamás Barabás - bass
Szilárd Banai - drums
Zoltán Lantos - electric violin
István Csányi - saxophone
Harun Al Rashid Jr. - vocal

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