It all began in a stairwell in Berlin’s eastern district of Pankow. Karin Helmstaedt and Judith Engel discovered they were neighbours and by the end of afternoon tea they were fast friends. The idea for breathe came about late one night after much wine and an inspired singsong with the kids – the resulting project is the realisation of a longtime dream for both of them.

In June of 2001 they performed their first program entitled »Our Favourites«, made up entirely of covers. With the first stirrings of their own songs, Rainer Schnoes came on board to make the duo a trio. With his contribution as composer and arranger, breathe developed its own repertoire; in November 2003 they made their first appearance in Berlin with a full-fledged band of guest musicians.

Karin Helmstaedt
studied Literature in Toronto, Montreal and Paris. A freelance journalist and television anchor, she’s been living in Berlin since 1998.

Judith Engel
studied classical voice at the Academy of Music »Hanns Eisler« in Berlin and has been working as a freelance performer since 1992. In 1998 she joined the Berlin Radio Choir as a full time member.

Rainer Schnoes
studied music in Essen and Hamburg; in 2001 he became a full time member of the Berlin Radio Choir.

Guest Musicians:
Ferdinand von Seebach (Trombone)
Elmar Krick (Saxophone)
Oliver Fach (Guitar)
Erich Gramshammer (Guitar)
Tilman Person (Drums)
Denis Jabusch (Bass)

Afterwardes CD
Hooray Single CD

Official Breathe homepage:

Horgas Eszter
Steve Hackett (Wolfwork Records)
Kovács Ferenc
Muck Ferenc
Mohai Gábor
Gesztelyi Nagy Judit
Herczeg Judit
Novus Jam
Zexattt3 Band
Johanna Beisteiner
Ewald Brass Quintet
9:30 Collective
Szőke Nikoletta


- Abbey Road
- Steve Hackett
- Gramofon